Wall rail 

Silentia’s screens can be connected to a wall rail with several compatible installation accessories for rail mounting. A wall mount is typically included when purchasing a Silentia screen and additional mounts can be ordered.

Wall mounts 

silentia wall mount

Wall mount

Art.nr. 06539, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06544, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06540, height 1.85m (6’1″)

For convenient mounting directly to the wall.

silentia wall mount with floor support

Wall mount with floor support

Art.nr. 06537, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06545, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06538, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Wall mount that provides support from the floor when fitted with a clamp.

silentia wall mount with floor support and top extension

Wall mount with floor support and top extension

Art.nr. 06541, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06546, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06542, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Wall mount used with clamp where a wall rail is above the screen.


silentia standard clamp

Standard clamp

Art.nr. 06502

For attaching to a wall rail.  A flexible solution that enables the screen to be moved sideways along the wall raid.  Distance between wall rail and screen:  40mm (1.6″)

silentia support clamp

Support clamp

Art.nr. 06524

Used with standard clamp 06502 where two rails are mounted on the wall.

Silentia screens adjustable clamp

Adjustable clamp

Art.nr. 06516

Adjusts to suit variable spacing between upper and lower wall rails.  Clamps can be adjusted between 0 and 5.9″.

Used together with standard clamp or clamp with spacer.

silentia screens clamp with spacer

Clamp with space

Art.nr. 06535

A useful solution when space is required between a screen and a wall rail, such as in dialysis departments where panel access is vital.

Distance between wall rail and screen:  150mm (5’9″)

Instructions for use

Instructions for installation, operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

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