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StoryPanels ™

Silentia’s StoryPanels are a great tool to make children feel better in a healthcare setting and engage with their imagination. Children can feel stressed when in hospital and we hope to make this process easier, by making their environment more fun and personalised to the patient. 

Silentia’s StoryPanels screens have been carefully designed by Austrian designer Stefanie Scoffmann,to maximise patient comfort and relaxtion. She describes,

‘Each detail in the design is based on research and experience. Colours, shapes and funny figures all have a purpose to give a positive psychological effect, a calm feeling and to stimulate imagination.” 

folding image

Folding screen installed on wall with spacers, Length 3.75m (12’4”). Height 1.45m (4’9”). Click above to see full range.

mobile double image

Mobile double screen ,Length 2 X 1.75m (2 X 5’9”). Height 1.45m(4’9”).Click above to see full range.

mobile bed end image

Mobile bed end screen, Length 1.5m (4’11”). Height 1.85m (6’1”).Click above to see full range. 

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