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Portable Privacy Screens 

Portable privacy screens are freestanding partitions that can be easily moved around as needed. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as plastic or fabric and can be folded or collapsed for storage when not in use.  

Uses of Portable Privacy Screens 

They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings to provide privacy for patients during exams or procedures. A portable screen can be used to separate beds in a shared room, create a private area for consultations or to create a barrier between different areas of a room. They can also be used to separate patients in a triage area, or to provide a barrier between medical staff and patients during an outbreak. They can come in different sizes, and some are even designed to fit around equipment such as beds or wheelchairs. 

Main types of portable privacy screens 

Freestanding privacy screens 

These are self-supporting screens that can be placed in a room to create a private space. They can be made of various materials, such as fabric, wood, or metal. 

Mobile screens 

These privacy screens are also freestanding and are similar in construction to freestanding screens but are usually mounted on wheels. This makes them ease to move between locations as required. 

Wall-mounted privacy screens 

This is a type of privacy screen that is mounted on a wall using brackets, screws, or other hardware. They can be adjust to different angle and position according to the user’s need and can be used as a decorative element as well. 

Room divider screens 

These screens are designed to divide a room into separate sections. They can be used to create privacy in shared spaces, such as apartments or dorm rooms. 

Hanging screens 

These screens usually mounted to the ceiling on tracks and can be used to create a private space within a larger room. Often, they can be folded away when on in use. They can be made of fabric, wood, or metal. 

Outdoor screens 

These screens are designed to be used outside, and can be used to create privacy in a backyard or patio. They can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. 



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