Pole for floor installation 

Silentia’s floor poles are great for mounting our screens to a floor. This is ideal in environments where a wall mount is not possible, such as where there is a window or a passage is required behind the screen. 

Silentia’s poles are easy to install and clean, thanks to our EasyClean ™ function. They provide maximum stability for patient privacy and can support multiple screens. 

silentia screens pole attachment A

Pole attachment A

Art.nr. 06561-A, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06562-A, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06563-A, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Standard floor pole for a single fixed screen

Silentia screens pole attachment B

Pole attachment B

Art.nr. 06561-B, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06562-B, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06563-B, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Floor pole with two attachment points, one on each side of the pole

silentia screens pole attachment C

Pole attachment C

Art.nr. 06561-C, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06562-C, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06563-C, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Floor pole with three attachment points on the same side

silentia screens pole attachment D

Pole attachment D

Art.nr. 06561-D, height 1.45m (4’9″)

Art.nr. 06562-D, height 1.65m (5’5″)

Art.nr. 06563-D, height 1.85m (6’1″)

Floor pole with four attachment points, three on the same side and one on the opposite.

Instructions for use

Instructions for installation, operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

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