Make it Easy

Silentia screens are easy to clean, manoeuvre and install and are easily adaptable to specific patient and healthcare needs. 

EasyClean™ for Optimal Hygiene

Silentia’s Easy Clean system increases hygiene in healthcare environments where infection control is crucial. The hard, smooth surfaces of our screens allow for quick and easy disinfection.

Silentia screen’s surfaces, joints, accessories and trolleys are specifically designed for easy cleaning and meet strict hygiene requirements. Our screens provide a single touch point handle, minimising the spread of germs and bacteria.

Our screens are also equipped with encapsulated wheels to prevent dust and hair from getting stuck in them. Wheels are also easily removed for cleaning with a single click.

EasyReturn™ for easy handling

Silentia’s EasyReturn system provides privacy screens that are easy to move, fold and return to their original positions. Our screens are built with patented hinges, which provide a built-in memory, when returning screens to their original position. Silentia screens provide an ergonomic handle, allowing for easy movement with just one hand and act as a single touchpoint.

EasyClick™ for better flexibility

Silentia’s EasyClick function allows screens to be easily attached and combined, making them highly adaptable for patient and healthcare needs and cleaning purposes. 

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Keep It Clean – the more hygienic option to hospital curtains

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