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ArtPanels™ – the peace of nature

Silentia’s ArtPanels images of nature and animals can help in creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for patients. These medical privacy screens can help in patient recovery and reduce stress.

Mobile bed end ArtPanels

Mobile Bed End

Mobile bed end screen with all six ArtPanels for a stress-reducing effect

Length 1.5m (4’11”) | Height 1.55m (5’1”)

Folding ArtPanels


Folding screen with ArtPanels on the front

Length 1.5m (4’11”) | Height 1.45m (4’9”)

Cropped Double Mobile

Mobile Double

A temporary setup with mobile double screen

Length 2 X 1.75m (5’9”)  |  Height 1.45m (4’9”)

Discover the hills and fields

Check out our six ArtPanels™ designs.

The gorgeous oil painting finish shines through Silentia’s translucent Daylight screen design. 

Returning Home Cows


‘Going home.  Milking time.  Follow the safe path back home.’        

Waiting Cows


‘Gathering and waiting at the gate. In life we also wait, try to just relax while waiting.’ 

Grazing Cows


‘Cows graze, get fresh air and move around. Basic needs for a strong and healthy life.’ 

Observing Cows


‘Big brown eyes are signs of a harmonious cow looking at you- I see you. You exist.’ 

Ploughing Cows


‘Nature and technology work together. New lines are formed as the plough cuts through the landscape.’ 

Harvesting Cows


‘Nature’s reward for patience and work. When we sow a small seed, we harvest its fruits later. In nature as in life.’ 

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